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Believers Deceived in to Tithing

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When we use the word believers we are referring, for the most part, to those who believe in the word of God and uses the bible as their main guide as they live their daily life. Therefore then, they believe in Jesus Christ and has accepted Him as Lord in their lives. Most of them, however, do not study the same bible they have chosen to live their lives by. They rely solely on the person they have chosen as pastor or preacher. They have forgotten prophets and kings of the past turned away from God for their personal reasons. Though the person may change, the actions of man remain the same. Pastors and preachers of today have also changed and has put their personal reasons before God. For the sake of money, wealth, and fame, they too are willing to mislead the children of God. They teach tithing has changed from crops and flocks to money. Since the believers do not study, all their actions come from what they have heard. For that reason, here they are given book, chapter, and verse, so they can place their finger upon. Can their pastor or preacher, do the same? Do they know the initial purpose of tithing? Who is the new Moses whom God has spoken to, and said money, is now a new item of tithe, or as a matter of speaking, the only item of tithe? Where are the rules and laws concerning tithing today? These, and much more will be discussed in this book. Such as the guilt scripture; God being the same; The Israelites had three different years of tithe; all these are missing from the word? What should we suspect? Do you still believe tithing today, should be?

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