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Cookbook for Murder: The recipes from Two Buckets of Berries

Length: 20 pages11 minutes


A companion book to the second book in the Kirk Lake Camp series, Two Buckets of Berries.
Murder and mayhem doesn’t mean food doesn’t have to get cooked. It does and somebody has to feed the victim’s family, the detective, the police constables, the coroner, the witnesses, the local snoops and busy bodies, the guests at the resort, the bad guy or gal, and last but not least, the former detective turned cottage resort owner herself. If Charlene can’t stick her nose into the murder investigation as much as she’d like to she can always cook.
This free recipe book has a few snippets taken directly from Two Buckets of Berries to give you a glimpse into the characters in the series and to entice you to be curious enough to buy the book and get to know the characters better. I also hope you enjoy the food as much as I do. The excerpts are in italic and recipes follow. Bon Appetite!

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