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The Ka'antira Heir

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The gods have declared war on Asphodel, and the heirs of its heroes.

As the heir to the Elven Queen, Tamarisk's only purpose is to wait for a day she never wants to come. Tamarisk isn't a great mage like her mother, or a great warrior like her father, Brial Ka'breona. In fact, there's nothing left for her to be great at except confusion. Plus there's the baffling Anteros de Ceolliune always hanging around to make things even more confusing.

But the Elven Queen is frail after years of war with the gods. Discord is brewing between the human kingdoms and the demimortal races. The Elves are dangerously over-crowded. And a new, unknown deity has declared a blood feud with the Ka'antira as a whole.

When tragedy strikes the Elven realm, Tamarisk has to find a way to crawl out from beneath her heroic mother’s shadow, and evolve into a Ka'antira heir on her own terms. If she lives that long.

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