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THE GREEN OAK BOYS in The Quest for The Fullness of Life - An Adventure (Book 1)

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'The Green Oak Boys' is for the young people of today, yet, can be enjoyed by everyone. These short stories are to reach our youth with common down home lessons of life, which in no way speak bad against today's technology. These stories are written to strengthen and restore the values and moral principles needed for a better productive system. As a society we need to unclog the arteries of their imaginations and allow the bliss of true freedom to flow passionately as it should, to take them to uncharted places of their true making, not just from a computer.

In the book 'The Green Oak Boys' there is adventure, imagination, and stories of true ways of "Living Life To It's Fullness".

You will not regret reading this book; it will bring you to places you've never been before.

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