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Life's Inception: Life's Series, #3

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Abandoned by his mother and raised by his father’s vigilantes, Jakob StPatrick learned early how to work outside the system. Overconfidence and misfortune mark StPatrick in a way he can never escape, but cockiness and charisma can only go so far, as he learns when his military career comes to an unexpected and violent halt.

After a mission gone awry, StPatrick is haunted by images of bloody hooks and his comrades’ dead eyes.  A landmine blows his world apart and rips something irreplaceably precious from his life. And though his misfortunes bring their own opportunities, StPatrick is never the same.

And though, this time, the battle was won. There were no victors, only bruised bodies and battered souls.

But even to a damaged and bitter man, love comes in many forms; through friends, through a doctor whose hands heal his heart as much as his flesh, through a young girl who refuses to die, and through a friend-turned enemy-who needs to.

StPatrick tells this dark, thriller memoir in a way that personifies the struggle of the faction soldier and proves, once and for all, that the light is there at the end of every tunnel, no matter how dark.

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