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Milk Obsession

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Rikki is an awkward young woman who is obsesses with making herself lactate. She’s never had a boyfriend and doesn’t want to have a baby, but she knows she needs to have her small breasts grow and produce milk. She follows the instructions to make it happen, but the attention she gets when she starts the process makes her life suddenly get complicated and unexpectedly sexy...

This is a 10,000 word lactation erotica/adult nursing novelette that contains explicit sex and sexual descriptions. It focuses on adult nursing, lactation induction, virgin sex, and other sexually explicit themes that not all members of the public will enjoy.

All characters are 18 or older.

“Normally at this point in the evening I’m ready for bed, but I have to pump my breasts. It’s all about routine and training. If I skip a day, all progress is lost.”

“Oh. I can leave then.”

“Would you like to watch?” Rikki asked as she opened her closet door and retrieved the tubes and cones that were part of her pump.

He didn’t give her a direct answer. “That seems a strange activity for a first date.”

“Maybe,” she agreed with his statement. “But it’s what I want to do. It’s what I need to do.”

“Oh.” George was unsure why he was being offered this unusual show, but he wasn’t going to say no. He was too afraid of saying yes because he was certain Rikki would suddenly laugh at him and tell him that he was a pervert for even wanting to see a woman pump her breasts. Kicking him out of her house would be bad enough, but she was certain to tell Jodi as well, which would crush him. “Do you want me to leave?” he asked again even though she had just invited him to watch.

Slowly Rikki shook her head. “No.”

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