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What do you do when you have a secret no one believes? How do you escape a life of abuse and degradation?

If your only choice is to kill or die, can you take another’s life?  

Amy Roberts has a secret, one she has carried with her all of her life, something she’s only told one other person. For her honesty, she received a slap across the face and a warning that if she ever spoke the words again, there would be hell to pay.

Now that she’s older, smarter, braver, she’ll let nothing stop her from escaping the sadistic man who swore her to the secret and to a life full of hidden truths and false smiles, of abuse and denial, of pain and loneliness. She knows that now is the time to show the world the monster behind the man. The problem is going to be surviving the last bout of horror he has planned for her to do so.

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