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Cowboy Romance: His Ebony Obsession

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His Ebony Obsession

A Modern Cowboy Western Romance

Kiara Jackson couldn't stand the hustle and bustle of New York City. She'd worked as a waitress for too long while getting her psychology degree, and she had to get out. 

After a few months of research, she found the perfect place—a sleepy little town in Montana called Wilsall, with only just over 200 residents. She figured it'd be the perfect spot to settle down and find a nice husband.

One day, a well-known pale man about town named Johnny entered the restaurant. He wasn't seen around too often, so any time the rumble of his motorcycle was heard, the residents knew he was coming. 

He was a modern day cowboy, the bike his steed. He owned a sprawling multi-million dollar ranch just outside of Wilsall, which had for a few years, but no one knew much else about him.

Kiara and Johnny were inextricably drawn to each other from the moment they laid eyes on one another.

When his secret is discovered, will Kiara see Johnny the same way? 

When they find themselves in Johnny's bedroom, will she give him what he's always wanted?

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