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The Pulpit Ministry: The Ministry of the Word series 1

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About the Book

Writing a book like this requires conviction and courage. Whatever men do, God’s standards will not change. Being a servant is a weighty responsibility, guided by divine precepts. Speaking on behalf of God should make men stand in awe of Him and say ONLY what He has instructed. Whatever is your Pulpit, use it in full surrender and total obedience to the Master. When messengers tamper with messages, the Master will wait patiently to do His appraisal.

I have read this book and I charge everyone that loves the Lord to read it, think on its key lessons and commit to doing only the bidding of the Lord. Evangelist Sola Oki has presented these inspired words in simple, readable language. Our oratory, skills, charisma, modernity, technology, creativity, can never replace the Anointing. The Anointing is from Above only and is activated by obedience and compliance with divine rules! Everyone ministering and everything being done on a Pulpit is being watched and under surveillance by God. May God find us faithful messengers of His divine counsel!

Noma Owens-Ibie

Abuja, Nigeria


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