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Wisdom Command Handbook

85 pages31 minutes


The ‘Wisdom Command Handbook’ is ideal for leaders, workers, aspiring ministers, role models and maturing believers in the Body of Christ and beyond. The ideas and quotes in this book have been carefully selected and repeatedly thought over to ensure that it is healthy and inspiring enough for any class of listeners. This book is richly informed to help catapult the listener to the next level in both their spiritual life and life in general. It is a ‘must listen to’ for all levels of believers and non-believers alike. Judging from its content, it is impossible for one to remain uninspired or non-imparted after thoroughly listening to it, because they are inspirational and life-transforming in content wise. But to be evidently affected by them, one must make a conscious effort to fully act upon and apply them to their life. They would do you much more good if you are able to duly apply them to your life, because it has the potential to effect a revolutionary change in your life within the shortest possible time. Listen, enjoy and be blessed!        

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