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My Inhuman Condition: A Short Story of Horror

40 pages35 minutes


An innocent high school party. A bloodthirsty evil lurking in the shadows. A group of friends must fight to survive the night.

Landry Locker is a high school sophomore living in a small desert farming town in Arizona. What he wants most in life is to make it through high school, get into a good college, and attain a high-paying job. In the meantime, he would love nothing more than to gain a friendship with his secret crush, Kat.

Much sooner than he imagines, he gets his chance, but fate had something else in store. A once promising night turns grim, leading Landry and everyone he cares about into a dark and unforgiving world. His life and the lives of everyone around him are changed in one short night.

This dark and fast-paced short story doesn’t look back until the fates of Landry and his friends, including Kat, are revealed. Even in a small town, one night can change everything in the blink of an eye. When the night gives way to dawn a shocking and painful truth is soon revealed.

If you like your horror fast and unnerving, then you’ll love My Inhuman Condition. Get it today and see who survives the night.

"Crazy will change you...if you let it."

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