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Playing Games With Charlotte

530 pages8 hours


This book is a 145,000 word exploration of love and fantasy and how the two are inexplicably linked.

Dave is a guy with an eye for the ladies, but his intentions have not always been chivalrous, he has also had his fingers burned. When he meets Charlotte met on a night out and there is instant attraction and a special chemistry between them.

Dave very quickly develops dark and uncontrollable fantasies about Charlotte, imagining watching her in the throes of passion with other men. But he is not the only one with secrets and fantasies, Charlotte has been suppressing the naughty girl within herself all her life.

When Dave is sent to Glasgow for work their burgeoning romance falls at the first hurdle due to Dave’s jealousy and insecurities. Can their blossoming relationship survive as Dave’s fantasies play an increasing part in their sex lives?

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