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Screams of the Season

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The holiday season pounces on Cody and Demetrius like one of the monsters they’ve tangled with. After their first time hosting Thanksgiving dinner as a couple, the two travel to Colorado to visit Cody's parents for Christmas. With all four of Cody's brothers expected as well, they're in for some pretty intense Bower family time.

When Cody's father drives his truck off the road and goes missing two days before Christmas, tensions run high within the Bower family. After Demetrius discovers some unusual clues at the scene of the accident, he and Cody suspect Greg Bower's disappearance might be tied to something more monstrous than icy roads. As often happens when the guys start working a case, some bizarre twists and turns leave Cody cursing monsters as he wonders if his parents' relationship is as solid as he's always believed.

In between samples of Cody’s brother’s primo cannabis product, the two deal with the rest of Cody's brothers, Christmas shopping with his nieces and nephews, a movie stuntman with a terrible sense of direction, and a police sergeant with some secrets of his own.

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