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All In: The Flop

55 pages44 minutes


Warning: Contains 10,000 words of steamy mind control and bimbofication!

Pierce Kingston is the tech millionaire who has it all: a penthouse in the city, a stunningly beautiful girlfriend and an apparently charmed life. But beneath this mask of perfection Pierce hides inner fears and insecurities that threaten to tear him apart. All Pierce wants is the friendship and respect of his greatest role model — billionaire Dwight Solomon. But when Pierce is invited to Solomon’s palatial mansion for a friendly night of poker, everything that he thinks he knows is flipped on its head. No one is who they seem, and Pierce’s supposed friends may just be using him as a pawn in a far bigger game.

When Pierce learns that poker table he inherited from his grandfather has the power to turn any woman into an obedient, sex-hungry bimbo it could be his chance for payback. But the only man who gets these powers is the winner of the poker game, and Pierce may not be the best player at the table. Suddenly, Pierce may not just lose his pride, but also his perfect girlfriend as she starts to drift towards the other men with no thoughts other than mindless, steamy submission.

Can Pierce survive the intrigue and false friendships of a backroom poker game? Or his fears be realized when he learns that nothing he has is permanent and the price of admission is too high for even a millionaire to pay? And when someone else threatens to take all he cares about away from him, does Pierce have the strength to keep his emotions in check and go all in with everything to lose?

The All In trilogy contains themes of: bimbofication, bimbo transformation, hypnosis, mind control and harem sex — and contains MF, FF and MFF scenes! 18+

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