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Pennington's Hoax

373 pages5 hours


Fresh from her successful venture as an investigative journalist, Maggie Lyon – author of the best-selling MURDERED JUSTICE – finds herself up to her neck in trouble as she gets sucked into the strangest case of her career. Called upon to investigate one of America’s most beloved authors, Maggie sets out to learn whether Ely Pennington actually penned her famous classic novel or took credit for someone else’s hard work. Maggie’s trouble is that all of the potential witnesses – beginning with the reclusive writer herself – keep dying before the truth can finally be told.
Determined to solve the mystery of Pennington’s Hoax and reveal the murderer, the intrepid reporter pursues clue after clue only to hit one dead end after another. Then suddenly the case gets personal, as Maggie becomes the killer’s target.

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