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Goodbye Christmas

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It’s a wonderful time of the year! But when a powerful storm destroys the beautiful forest just days before Christmas can the animals unite to find a new way of life together? What will become of the once beautiful and fun forest they lived in?
A stray cat joins the forest animals search for a way to survive together after the powerful storm destroys their homes and tears their families apart. In the face of their hardships, love will find a way.
The animals learn the value of putting aside their differences, forming new friendships and working together to restore their homes, families and the forest they all love.
This Children’s picture book is exquisitely illustrated by the author. Every page is a beautiful work of art and is one of those books whose images will linger long after you’ve turned the page. The illustrations engage your child’s interest, teaches important life lessons and develops your child’s creativity.
This heartwarming, simple and sweet story about the animal’s hardships is perfect for early readers because it will start conversations about life’s lessons while also teaching values.
Goodbye Christmas is a children’s picture book that helps children develop compassion for the hardships of animals and others. If you like heartwarming tales, stories with strong morals and a children friendly approach to hardships, then you and your child will love Gary Clark’s story of compassion and acceptance.
Buy Goodbye Christmas to walk a mile in someone someone else’s paws today!

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