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Darkwood Feathers Season 1 Episode 1 Rogue Feather

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Senna should have been keeping a profile as low as the human traffickers she hunted. After all, she had a family to think of. In part, it was them that motivated her to keep fighting the losing battle. She didn't want the past coming after daughter. Knowing what she was to Akecheta Darkwood, and the price tag she once carried, Senna knew they would stop at nothing to get her back. If they ever did find her, they'd take everything; the life she'd worked to build and the family she so loved. No, it was better to take the fight to them and keep it there.

Lively enjoyed a challenge. She savored the perks working in the field afforded her; a credit card with no limit, a new wardrobe, and the freedom to come and go as she pleased...well for the most part. Best of all, this mission presented the perfect opportunity to erase her most horrendous error, one she was still being punished for. One she'd never forget. Still, Darkwood entrusted her, knew she was his best, and what better way to get back in her creator's good graces than to bring home his favorite Feather?

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