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Quest for the West

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The Quest for the West is an epic, historical poem in verse. It starts with the first thirteen colonies becoming states. The poem continues telling the story of how each state was formed as the government acquired territories across a newly developing country. As the states and territories came to the nation, the population moved westward, opening new settlements. The first challenge was the Appalachian Mountains. People had to find ways to move entire families, with their goods, into and over, these daunting mountains. Once the mountains were crossed, a huge river stood before them. They found ways to get across the Mississippi, then established St. Lois, St. Joseph, and Independence, Missouri as a starting point for the two thousand mile march to the Pacific.
The poem tells of the hardships these brave souls faced. They dealt with hostile Indians, large rivers to cross, lack of food and water, diseases, and family members perishing along the way. Subjects covered include, the War of 1812, trails used to travel across the west all the way to the Pacific, the Pony Express, railroads, outlaws and lawmen, mountain men, gold and silver rushes, and Indian wars.

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