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Easy Prey

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Three short prequel stories for the upcoming release of Ideal Insurgent, but these stories can stand on their own.

"Starstruck" - Bryder wants nothing more than to take the evil Randian Empire to its knees for their brutality and destruction. So, why is he in a class to become a field agent for that self-same empire? And what is with this brilliant but brainwashed teacher? Is she something special despite her adherence and loyalty to Rand? Or is she just another cog in a soulless machine?

"Easy Prey" - Damon, captain of a growing space pirate fleet, covets capture of an agent ship for his very own, and lays await for one. But capturing this "easy prey" is anything but simple. Who will win this David and Goliath battle for supremacy and ownership of the nimble agent ship?

"Out of the Box" - when an agent goes rogue, no matter how compelling the reason, it's an issue. It's a crisis if she happens to have power over the entire center at her fingertips. Nayna and Bryder must defuse the situation without losing the center and without putting the rogue agent through another ordeal.

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