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The Doom Diva Mysteries Books 1: 4 Box Set: Four Humorous Cozy Mysteries

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All Four Doom Diva Mysteries in one great package!
Book One: The Madams of Mischief
Book Two: The Divas of Doom
Book Three: The Floozies of Fate
Book Four: The Bimbos of Bane

The Madams of Mischief: "I practically skipped over toward the green ninety-gallon trash tote. I lifted the hinged lid of the trash can, swung it open, and tossed in the diaper. That's when Destiny not only called my name, she also spit in my face, thumbed her nose, and blew me a big old raspberry. Lucky me."

Those crazy Madams of Mischief, Destiny, Lady Luck, and Fate seem to be out to get Marty Sheffield! Marty just wants to live her quiet life in her quiet town while recovering from being left at the altar by up-and-coming country music star, Ricky Ray Riley. The Doom Divas seem to have other ideas, though. While babysitting her sister's kids, Marty finds the body of a former classmate wedged in a ninety-gallon trash container at a local park. With the help of her sister, Marty sets out to solve the mystery and save her own hide before it's too late.

The Divas of Doom:
"Damn that slimy worm. I really should have squashed it when I had the chance."

If Marty Sheffield had just gone ahead and killed the worm when she first saw it, maybe those Divas of Doom, Destiny, Chance, and Lady Luck, would have left her alone. But, she didn't, and now it seems that the Architects of Anarchy really have it in for poor Marty. Not only has she just lost her job as a part-time DJ, but after a knock-down, drag-out, mulch-flinging fight with one of her sister's neighbors, Marty becomes the chief suspect when the man ends up dead. The only way to save herself means finding the real culprit before she is thrown in jail, or worse, becomes the next victim.

The Floozies of Fate:
"One look, that one tiny little look, and I knew right then and there that Harry Evans was a heartache waiting to happen. If I'd had a lick of sense, the tiniest shred of sanity, I'd have jumped up from that blue plastic seat and high-tailed it home."

If Marty Sheffield had high-tailed it home instead of getting mixed up with minor league baseball player, Harry Evans, she might not have had another go-round with those Floozies of Fate -- Destiny, Chance, and Lady Luck. But, she did, and now they're swarming around her like a pack of bloodthirsty mosquitoes, brewing up all sorts of mayhem and mischief for poor Marty.

After a particularly trying first day back to work, Marty finds one of Harry's friends dead on her kitchen floor. Marty must figure out who killed the young woman before the murderer tracks her down, and she runs completely out of time and becomes the next victim.

The Bimbos of Bane:
"Ricky may have been a low-down, two-timing, cheating, bottom-dwelling, soul-sucking, snake in the grass, but that didn’t mean I wanted him dead."

When part-time D.J. Marty Sheffield's former fiancee, (and current country music superstar) Ricky Ray Riley's car is found upside down in a ravine, Marty knows things are going to be bad. What she isn't prepared for is the mayhem and madness those Bimbos of Bane - Destiny, Chance, and Lady Luck - have in store for her, especially when two of Ricky's crazy fans decide that Marty's behind Ricky Ray's disappearance. Also, Hollywood's hottest -- and sloppiest -- actress seems to have moved in with Marty and her cat, Delbert. Things go from bad to worse for Marty when a guest on her radio show drops dead seconds before air-time. Will Marty be able to figure out what's going on before it's too late and she loses everything that's dear to her?

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