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Exploring Consciousness and Perception By Kenneth Allen

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When we take time to think about it, we realize that we really have very little understanding about the most fundamental aspect to our existence, our consciousness. Our consciousness is what makes us unique in the cosmos, but what is consciousness? What does it mean to be conscious? How do we perceive the cosmos around us in order to understand our place in the universe? It is truly amazing to understand that we came from the nothingness prior to the start of the universe to the state of sentient beings.

The author of this book believes in the importance in examining the questions surrounding who we are and our existence as sentient beings. He has written this book to share the insights he has developed while exploring many of the questions around the nature of consciousness and perception. He draws upon years of study and contemplation of religious, philosophical and scientific concepts to offer insights and ideas around the understanding of how we perceive our place in the cosmos.

I hope you can take the time to explore these ideas with me

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