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CANADIAN FAIRY TALES - 26 Illustrated Native American Stories: 26 Canadian Indian tales

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The 26 tales in this collection, were gathered from various parts of Canada—at a time when the most convenient method of travel was by the Canadian waterways. The compiler travelled the rivers, lakes and oceans where sailors and fishermen still watched the stars. He gathered them in forest clearings where lumbermen still retained remnants of the old and now vanished way of life; where Indians used to barter for their goods and from remote country places where women spin and speak with reverence of the days of their fathers.

The 26 tales in this volume are:
How Glooskap Made The Birds
The Rabbit And The Grain Buyers
Saint Nicholas And The Children
The Fall Of The Spider Man
The Boy Who Was Called Thick-Head
Rabbit And The Indian Chief
Great Heart And The Three Tests
The Boy Of The Red Twilight Sky
How Raven Brought Fire To The Indians
The Girl Who Always Cried
Ermine And The Hunter
How Rabbit Deceived Fox
The Boy And The Dragon
Owl With The Great Head And Eyes
The Tobacco Fairy From The Blue Hills
Rainbow And The Autumn Leaves
Rabbit And The Moon-Man
The Children With One Eye
The Giant With The Grey Feathers
The Cruel Stepmother
The Boy Who Was Saved By Thoughts
The Song-Bird And The Healing Waters
The Boy Who Overcame The Giants
The Youth And The Dog-Dance
Sparrow's Search For The Rain
The Boy In The Land Of Shadows

The skeleton of each story has been left for the most part unchanged, although the languages differ somewhat from that of the story-tellers from whose lips the writer heard them.

Fairy tales make a universal appeal both to old and young; to the young because it is the fantasy world into which they can retreat, and to the old because they are conscious again of the spirit of youth as they read such tales to their children and grandchildren, and rejoice in the illusion that after all there is not a great difference of age which separates the generations.
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