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Nymphomaniac's First Anal Sex Experience

26 pages30 minutes


I don’t know him well enough to already have him in my home, but this is where I feel most comfortable, and considering what I have given him permission to do to me, this really is the best place.

We both circle the suspension contraption that I bought online a few weeks earlier, and as he sips his drink, I can see the wheels turning in his head already.

He already knows just what he intends to do to me.

I am a nymph, undeniably and unapologetically.

I have tried to keep this dark and dangerous lifestyle a secret from my family, to protect their good name in the city, but I cannot resist having my limits tested.....

This 8000 erotica short story includes erotic adult situations including bdsm, suspension, a submissive woman surrendering her body to a dominant man and should be read by adults only.

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