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Losing Her Anal Virginity In A Poker Game

26 pages29 minutes


She has a face for poker, and a hand and head for it too.

She also knows how to get into the most dangerous, and highest paying games in town, albeit underground.

It is a risk that has paid off well for her up until now.

But with mounting student loans again, she needs to get in on another game.

There is one on the go in the city right now, and Lexxi has managed to get in.

But the game isn’t all it appears to be, and it is rigged from the beginning.

Axel must have seen her coming a mile away, and his desire to own her, is so great that he has made sure that he is the ultimate winner of this game.

He does win, and Lexxi is left owing a lot of money.

Axel offers her a way to scrap the gambling debt, and she agrees.......

This 8000 word short story erotica contain erotic adult situations and should be read by adults only!

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