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Keyed In: Coastal Charm, #2

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Bad boys are only good for one thin

Rugged charm can only get playboy cop Sebastian McCoy so far. He wants to settle down and find a meaningful connection—but his family might not be ready to deal with the fallout. Will his intense love and loyalty to the job doom him from committing to his one true love?

There's too much at stake.

Police dispatcher Cody Hart is a lifeline for police officers—including the sexy and infuriating Sebastian. He loves his high-stress job but often sees the worst of humanity. He needs a loyal man to enjoy the bright side of life with him, but he's been burned before.

I can't keep him off my mind.

Whether they like it or not, Sebastian and Cody rely on each other every day on the job to keep themselves and others safe. When they become a team at work and at home, sparks are kindled into a secret workplace affair. Sebastian can't let his police family down, while Cody can't let in a guy who will turn his affections into gossip. Can they both overcome their own fears to hold onto each other for good?

Keyed In is a gay romance novel. It's the second novel in the “Coastal Charm” series but can stand alone. It has a happily ever after ending with no cliffhanger.

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