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God's Feminist Movement

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Can you be a virtuous in a world without values?
Should you abstain from pre-marital sex?
What is God’s purpose for women and your body?
Does God agree with the secular feminists?
This book is packed with information that will answer your pressing questions about sex, marriage, divorce, abortions, feminism, and other important life issues. It’s the perfect guide to use when teaching your sons and daughters about sex, how to grow up as ladies and gentlemen. God’s true purpose for their bodies and lives, how to relate to members of the opposite sex, the feminist movement, what being “equal” really means and much more. Finally, you can be more comfortable talking to your children about sex
It tells the “how’s,” “whys,” and benefits of abstinence before marriage, how to go against the cultural norms that promote promiscuity, and provides new, practical, and proven methods of guiding your children to build their confidence and self-worth. Then you can inspire and motivate your children not to abuse their bodies, raise children with high values and help others to do so, enhance your marriage, and improve your life.
Learn about the secular feminist movement and their agenda of “equality.” Find out what God thinks about it. How will the feminists affect your life? Should you join this movement, bring them into your homes and encourage your children to be swayed by their rhetoric? Can you be a Christian and a feminist?
Candidly and truthfully, this book will provide sound answers to your questions and the information you need to make better decisions for your children, family, and yourself.

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