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Understanding The Game Of Money

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For over thirteen years the author was looking for the true DEFINITION OF MONEY. He wanted to know what money truly is and why it has dominated the entire universe.

This book is the author’s true DEFINITION OF MONEY, and how money works. Most people play the game of money without knowing the rules of the game. That is why the game winds up being played against their favour. It’s totally up to you to play it in your favour or against you.

Reading this book will make you understand the rules of the game. ‘MONEY IS A COMMON RELIGION - MONEY MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND - MONEY IS POWER - EVERYTHING IS MONEY’.


SP LUTHULI is the Founder and Chairman of SP UNITED GROUP. Under his group he has established ten companies branded and trading after his name. He is an author, an entrepreneur, a speaker and a personal and business development coach. Through his seminars he touches and inspires tens of thousands of people. His vision is ‘TO BECOME THE AFRICAN SOLUTION TO POVERTY’.

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