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Bible School Manual: Book One

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Congratulations, before you is one of the proofs of your desire to become a well-grounded student of the word of God. The weight of every minister or believer in Christ is indicated by the level of the word content of their spirit-man and the encounters that shape their perceptions in their spiritual journey.
This training Bible school manual is a compendium of various themes, knowledge, and wisdom for ministry carefully selected and packaged to open and deepen your spiritual understanding of the various aspects of ministry a 21st-century believer should know in order to make a full proof of his or her ministry.
Many believers desire and want to manifest the grace of God upon their lives but few understand the importance of first subjecting themselves to series of pieces of training, that birth the spirit and needed skills like David needed to confront the Goliaths of ministry. Until you are trained, you cannot reign in life and destiny. The treasures of life are not scattered everywhere; they can only be discovered in certain places and in certain books. This manual seeks to sharpen your skills and understanding in all the sixteen courses covered in it. Each course shades much light on a particular area of ministry; Faith, Vision, Time management, Divine direction, Understanding the Voice of God, Dynamics of Holiness, Prayer, Mentorship, Financial Prosperity, Loyalty and disloyalty and much more.
Dear minister, it is better to be delayed in the place of training in order to achieve perfection than to be disqualified at the threshold of your manifestation. In the words of our master Jesus, the harvest is indeed plenteous but the labourers are few (Matt 9:37).God does not call and send his labourers into the harvest field without equipping them against the enemy in the field. The ministers who will match the host of hell and deliver the destinies of men and women from damnation are ministers ruggedly prepared in the secret place equipped with the right knowledge and power of the Holy Spirit to launch into any of the seven mountains of the world and raise the banner of Christ for the world to see.
This book is written for you, who desire to be a minister of undeniable impact and substance. Chew it, swallow it and your life will command evidence wherever you go. It is the secret of God at a man's disposal that distinguishes a man from others. If God must lead us to fulfill our ministry and destiny we must not be strangers to the secret place where His voice is decoded. May your sensitivity to His voice, instructions, and wisdom embedded on the pages of this training manual set you on the pathway of reigning like a colossus in your ministry and destiny assignment through the grace of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Remain lifted.

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