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Move Your Mountains: How Faith changes your Reality... The Seven Steps

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“True faith is not the effort of believing in something, but the consciousness of a certainty.” the author writes believing that faith is the cornerstone of all the systems of belief. Only through a clear, real and concrete experience a human being can reach awareness and then move his\her mountains.
In the first part of the book it faces up the nature of perception, how it brings each person to see the world through their beliefs. The second shows the seven steps we have to follow to have a direct impact on creating our own reality, describing the descending way, from the divine to the manifestation, and the existing relationship between the seven chakras and the seven deadly sins that prevents the ability of men to manifest their desires, that brings human beings away from their divine nature, the image and likeness of God.

Marco Lazzara, spiritual seeker for over twenty years, had deep mystic experiences and wrote his first book in a flow of consciousness. He is Yoga teacher, certified by the European Federation of Oriental Arts and he wrote a chapter for the latest book of Joe Vitale, The Abundance Factor.

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