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The Little Insanity

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Everyone knows someone - or they are someone - someone who struggles with addictions. It's not pretty, it's not kind, this insane drive that propels us down self-destructive paths. There are addictions to fit every need, some more innocuous than others. An addiction to soap operas or shopping probably won't kill you but it can still have a huge impact on your life. Whenever reason takes a back seat to impulse, it's a good bet that an addiction might be the driving force. The degree of that impulse, the distance from which we have departed from reason and the time it takes us to return to sanity are all indicators of how much of a hold our addiction has over us.

Some hide their addictions in the closet while others wear them on their sleeve like a badge of honor.There are whole sections in bookstores and libraries devoted to dealing with addictions and the many forms they can take. Alcohol, sex, relationships, food, pain killers, mood enhancing drugs, texting, gaming...the list goes on.There is a step group around the corner for any and all. How many of us can claim to be addiction free, to never be grabbed by the throat and pulled into abusive behavior to fill a void or mute some pain? Addictions are, by and large, part of the human condition. How we deal with them is another matter.

'The Little Insanity' is an exploration of the paths of six 30-somethings whose lives become so inexorably entwined that it is sometimes hard to tell where one starts and the other ends. They are all struggling: with their addictions and their relationships with each other. In this crazy dance called life, they pass the baton from one to the other, giving us a glimpse into their most intimate struggles.

Jenn comes from privilege, at least financially. Despite having all the material things one might want, she still finds herself trying to fill a void, a need to find the love that she feels has always evaded her.

Kyle is outwardly strong of body but inside he is wracked by pain.This most fit specimen of a man discovers at too young an age that our health and fitness are not to be taken lightly and won't last forever. On the outside, he appears to be a fit 32 yr. old, on the inside he feels like a decrepit centenarian. He can and will try anything to ease the pain.

Kyra is Kyle's wife. High School sweethearts, they went from school to the alter and everything would have been perfect, if only Kyle had not gotten hurt. Daily, Kyra has to confront her broken husband and her fading dreams of the perfect family. As her anger grows, she becomes more and more addicted to it.

Jason, a local cop and Kyle's best friend, has always played second fiddle to Kyle, but it's okay, they are like brothers...They are brothers in every way that counts. But eventually, the fact that Kyle always gets the girl start to wear on Jason's nerves. All he wants is to be someone's knight in shining armor, is that so much to ask?

Beth seems formidable: she's been juggling three jobs ever since a bad ex-boyfriend took her bank account to the cleaners. Beth will do what has to be done but she doesn't have to like it and she certainly doesn't have to leave herself open to anyone like that again. She fills the void in the only way she knows how, with food.

Brad is new to town. He's a big shot corporate type who is struggling to adjust to the pace of a small rural community. Brad may be as hollow as a chocolate Easter egg but he will be the last person to acknowledge it. He has completely convinced himself that his looks and his sizable bank account can give him anything his heart desires.

When will the insanity end? Only time will tell.

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