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Christ Was Not Crucified Thank God: So Let's Stop Shortchanging Jesus, God and Ourselves

Christ Was Not Crucified Thank God: So Let's Stop Shortchanging Jesus, God and Ourselves

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Christ Was Not Crucified Thank God: So Let's Stop Shortchanging Jesus, God and Ourselves

88 pages
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Feb 27, 2018


Christ was not crucified? To many, the very idea is blasphemous, offensive in the extreme. Others might respond, “Who cares?” After all, 2000 years later, does it matter? This book contends that it does. It maintains that the drama of Christ Crucified implies a notion of a limited God, with us as weak beings who have little or no control over events that happen to us. It has served us well for over 2000 years, but it is time to move on. If we continue to cling to the idea, it will severely limit our progress and keep us from realizing we are powerful, eternal beings. Changing our beliefs now will help pave the way for unimaginably huge and positive changes predicted to come our way by the year 2075.

Feb 27, 2018

About the author

Apart from his family, Dan McAneny has three main interests. One is working with people on disability who want to start a business or get a job. He’s been doing that for over 30 years, creating business plans and guiding job searches. He has written two books in that field. Another interest of Dan's for the past 45 years has been researching and studying our experience as spirits without physical bodies before birth and after "death," and its many positive implications for those currently living. His primary credential for writing on that subject is that he is very much the average person, not a scholar and not specially gifted in any way. All anyone has to do is look at the very simple and obvious evidence that "dead people" have been communicating beneficial information to those living in western civilizations for well over a century. He has written six books on this topic, and he published a revised, shorter version of his first book in 2015 with a new title, "You are Bigger Than All Your Deaths." His recent books list Dan McAneny as the author, while the earlier books list Daniel Thomas McAneny as author. His books include: The 2075 Movement; We Are All Tourists; The Only 5 Things You Need to Know; Christ Was Not Crucified, Thank God; and, It's SPIRIT, Stupid, NOT Matter. His third major interest is in medical developments that might help people get off disability. This last topic, plus his own experience as a 5x cancer survivor, stimulated his interest in how his friend Harry Watson, a World War II fighter pilot, recovered from cancer twice in his 80s while taking nanosilver, and resulted in his book titled "The Silver Water Coincidences." Dan and his wife have lived in New Jersey, Virginia and North Carolina. They currently live in the Sarasota FL area and have five children living in various parts of the U.S., with 11 grandchildren.

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Christ Was Not Crucified Thank God - Dan McAneny




…so let’s stop short-changing

Jesus, God and ourselves

Dan McAneny

Copyright 2016 by Daniel Thomas McAneny

All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without written permission from the publisher, except for brief quotations in articles or reviews.

Daniel Thomas McAneny

Thanks, Jesus, for coming in so many times to guide us.

Table of Contents

From the Author to the Reader

1. The Basics

2. What We Know Now

3. So What Has All This To Do With the Crucifixion?

4. Compare … and Choose as You Please

5. Where Are We Directing Our Energies?

6. Three Strikes for Science

7. Where Do We Go From Here?

About the Author

From the Author to the Reader

Looking at the title, you might rightly wonder, why bother to write a book claiming that Christ was not crucified? After all, at this time over 2000 years later, does it even matter? Certainly it matters to a lot of people who believe Christ was crucified, some of whom have focused their lives around that event. So what is the benefit of claiming otherwise?

Well, ask yourself this question. Are you happy with the world you are in right now? People killing other people, raping, beheading, crucifying and torturing them because they don’t believe the same things about the afterlife that they believe. Hundreds of thousands slaughtered and millions made refugees in Syria in a senseless war, where a supposed leader kills his own people with gas, bombings, or whatever is most convenient for him. A quarter million people kept in concentration camp conditions by a brutal third-generation dictator in North Korea. Disease and hunger prevalent among millions of men, women and children in Africa and many other parts of the world. Terrorists in Europe, Africa and the U.S.A. killing scores of people for no reason other than their interpretation of their religion, which they contend commands them to kill those who do not agree with them. Millions of people in the relatively prosperous U.S.A. who can barely make ends meet and have no savings for retirement, with almost 40% of them having dropped out of the labor market because they can’t find decent jobs. Rioting in many places with races deeply divided. A supposedly democratic government in a country where we supposedly have many freedoms including the right to free speech, abusing its power and punishing those who dare disagree with them. Regardless of your political persuasion, you don’t want to be someone who does not hold power at such a time. That’s most of us. Just ask decent people in Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Russia, Brazil, Argentina or any number of South American countries.

I could go on, but you get the idea. Are you okay with that world? Even if you are living in the lap of luxury as many years ago Jackie Gleason used to remind his wife Alice in the weekly skits on television, eating the finest foods, living in a mansion, jetting about the globe as you please, enjoying theater, the arts, vacationing at fabulous resorts, you are still aware that millions of fellow humans are suffering, dying, starving, in prisons for having an unpopular opinion, or living in intense pain every day. Are you satisfied with that realization, or do you know somewhere deep inside the recesses of your mind that you don’t want a world like this to continue indefinitely?

If you’re not satisfied, then you must know that somehow we are going to have to make some very big, deep, fundamental changes to make it substantially better. We’re going to have to question the status quo and ask ourselves, is there not some vastly different way of experiencing the world around us that would take us from shared misery by millions to shared joy and happiness for all? I contend there is, that we’ve already been told how we might achieve that, and that we need to start by recognizing two fundamental truths – that the world is not what it seems, and we are much more than we think we are.

The really big problem is that there are a number of things holding us back. One is our almost total focus on the physical material world, with many leaders in science, philosophy, politics and other fields denying the importance or even the existence of anything beyond it, with a corresponding inability to focus on anything beyond it. If we paid more attention to a lot of solid evidence and to the implications of quantum mechanics, we’d be able to expand our focus immensely and experience firsthand that the world we experience every day is indeed not all there is and not what it seems to be.

As for our inability to recognize that we are much more than we think we are, one of the biggest factors holding us back, unfortunately, is our religions. They prevent us from understanding that we are eternal, powerful beings who can create the world we wish to experience. Christianity as practiced today is as good as any of them, and far superior to any supposed religion that commands its followers to kill others who do not adhere to its interpretation of reality and the afterlife. But as good as it has been for much of the past 2000 years, if we’re going to change our focus dramatically and make quantum positive leaps in how humans experience life on earth, we need to set it aside and adopt an understanding of ourselves and our Creator that is totally different from what Christianity or any of the leading religions are teaching us about the nature of our reality and our existence within it.

So what is the benefit of claiming Christ was not crucified? Simply put, the drama of Christ Crucified implies a notion of God that no longer serves us well. It also implies that our nature is weak and limited, inherently flawed, with us as beings who have little or no control over events that seem to happen to us. If we as a human

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