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Christ Was Not Crucified Thank God: So Let's Stop Shortchanging Jesus, God and Ourselves

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Christ was not crucified? To many, the very idea is blasphemous, offensive in the extreme. Others might respond, “Who cares?” After all, 2000 years later, does it matter? This book contends that it does. It maintains that the drama of Christ Crucified implies a notion of a limited God, with us as weak beings who have little or no control over events that happen to us. It has served us well for over 2000 years, but it is time to move on. If we continue to cling to the idea, it will severely limit our progress and keep us from realizing we are powerful, eternal beings. Changing our beliefs now will help pave the way for unimaginably huge and positive changes predicted to come our way by the year 2075.

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