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Spring of this Content

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Length: 189 pages2 hours


An unseasonal storm during the Spring time batters the city, breaking communications and power within the metropolis. Nicole Nguyen, the city's Minister for Emergency Services, awakes the following day next to her sparring partner and lover, only to find the streets and businesses abandoned. Together the pair search for food and help amidst a landscape with no modern amenities, nor service from other people. However, something else has come over the city, possessing its inhabitants, making them wander the streets in a daze, groaning with their arms outstretched, trying to grasp anyone they can lay their hands upon.

"Spring of this Content" puts a slight spin on the well-beaten path of the zombie genre, providing a light commentary on politics, social media, the use of technology and the relationships we forge. Nicole must search for solutions within the mystery that shrouds the city, and perhaps come to terms with her own profession and how she relates to others.

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