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Because Nothingness is the Antithesis to Ecstatic Hallucinations

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Protagonist believed his task was simple because many have attempted the same or similar and succeeded. Terminate a tattered life phase, then embark on a journey to greater fulfillment.

He faked a traveler touring his own country. Badgered an evasive innkeeper about her enigmatic photo collage. Got acquainted with a succession of emotionally destructed individuals.

Days later he met a girl who possessed little patience for apologies and regrets. Accompanied some tormented soul on a directionless walk. Then stripped away all inhibitions and barreled down a desolate path.

This is a story about human connection at the most indiscriminate, primeval level, and one person’s belief it still exists today.

Is he trapped in his own consciousness or demonstrating good reason? What does he not see? Will he reach the endpoint before reality disintegrates completely?

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