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Three books from the CD Grimes detective stories. A Question of Murder is a collection of 11 shorter works, Murder, He Guessed is a murder that leads to a huge scam being run against NASA, and Dead File is CD finding an old note in a file, which leads to an investigation, which leads to a Caribbean island paradise and several more murders. It is a more action-oriented work than any of the CD Grimes mysteries before. CD is a multimillionaire who likes the detective bit that he learned from his grandfather, the original CD Grimes. He has access to a lot of technology that others don't, but finds that it can be a hindrance. He has a wife and family [in the later books] that figure into how far he can go. He is loyal to his friends, and they are loyal to him. These books are about problem solvers, not blood and guts and semi-porno. CD gets into situations that place him in great physical danger, but remains an honorable, decent person.

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