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How To Be Born Again

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The statement  "You must be born again" was uttered by the Lord Christ Himself in His discussion with Nicodemus, a member of the Jewish ruling council. In that discussion, the Lord Jesus Christ solemnly affirmed that except a man has this experience of being born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God.

While millions of people all over the world have had a genuine experience of being born again, the concept has remained vague, confusing and even intimidating to many others. Yet, if this experience is a necessary condition for eternal salvation as indicated by the infallible word of our Lord Jesus Christ, then it behooves any wise man or woman not to ignore it simply because it appears misused, confusing or intimidating. The wise soul will sincerely seek to obtain the true meaning of the new birth concept, and take practical steps to have this profound experience.

Many pertinent questions agitate the searching mind. 'Why must I be born again'? 'How can I actually have the birth experience?' 'How can I know if and when I am born again?' 'What are the stumbling blocks that may hinder me from having this sacred experience'? These and many other questions are answered through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, in this small book.

The discussions are laced with appropriate Bible passages, in simple and current English translation, and for the reader's personal reference. This approach is meant to remove the likelihood of contradictions and controversies on the truths being presented, for the searching soul.

Dear reader, unlike most books, this book is not just for your reading pleasure, or even for the mere acquisition of knowledge. It is a book that will make it necessary for you to take a decision, and you will indeed take a decision at the end of your reading, one way or the other. And that decision will determine your fate in eternity.

Prayers have been offered to release grace unto you to make the right decision after reading, so that you can enter into the victorious and joyful Kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. And I know that those prayers will prove fruitful and effectual on your behalf in Jesus Name. Amen.

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