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She’s an assassin-for-hire.
Everything has a price—
Except love…

When the U.S. ambassador’s daughter is kidnapped in Beirut, a SEAL team is sent to retrieve her. Their “advisor” is the master assassin, Zara Itani. She has as many ties with the Lebanese government as she does with the country's militant factions; friends and family on both sides. 

She is pregnant—but that is nobody’s business.

She is also torn by her inexplicable feelings for Danyael, the alpha empath she betrayed into a life-sentence in a maximum-security prison, but that is definitely nobody’s business. After all, everyone knows that you can’t trust anything you feel when you’re around an empath.

The kidnapping is the prelude to far deeper treachery, and the mission goes terribly, desperately wrong. As international political conspiracy edges toward renewed military conflict, Zara’s loyalties will be tested; her beliefs challenged. She could start a war, or she could stop it. 

Or she could trust the difference Danyael has made in her life—

Tell me who you love and I will tell you who you are….

Zara will finally discover who she is, but what will her discovery cost the world, her allies, enemies, and ultimately, Danyael…?

This award-winning standalone futuristic thriller is perfect for X-Men, Heroes, and Alphas fans. Grab your copy and join the Genetic Revolution today!

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