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Deadly Victory

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Airton Parades is a leading driver and competitor in the Formula Cross Championship, a top level motorsport racing known for speed, prestige. . . and death. No one pretends the sport is safe, with its powerful, unstable racecars, its dangerous tracks, and its lead CEO, Basile Thieery, actively fighting against drivers advocating for safer racing conditions.

But Airton harbors a secret. He is one of the Weredrivers, a driver gifted with the inner spirit of a beast designed to protect racers from unsafe conditions. Airton’s beast, Dragão, provides Airton with the hardened armor of a mythical dragon and the heightened senses of a wild creature, giving him supernatural driving skills.

But when a fellow driver dies, Airton glimpses ghostly specters swarming the crash site – and Basile may control the deadly creatures. Now Airton and Dragão must stop Basile and his track gremlins. . . before more drivers fall to Basile’s dangerous game.

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