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Butterflies of Great Britain

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Martin has been photographing wildlife for over forty years.  Although he likes all creatures, Martin has a  particular interest in insects and has long been amazed;  both by their fragility, and  by their amazing strength.  

Whilst out with his camera, Martin has noticed how some people have great difficulty identifying the various butterfly species to be found in the U .K. countryside and through this publication, he hopes to remedy this situation,  by  giving detailed information and photographic examples for each species, top wings, underwings and differences between the sexes.

Featuring many rare photographs of butterflies in flight, showing rarely seen views of their upperwings, this in depth pictorial guide is designed to help with accurate identification.  With many U.K. species now in sharp decline, this is particularly important for recording purposes so that rare species can be identified and their habitat protected.

When not photographing wildlife, Martin also spends much of his time as an author, writing therapy and self help books.   Using the pen name MAT GARDENER, Martin has also published many children's educational  books  which have been purposely designed to teach children about life issues, their personal safety and the environment, using a series of human and animal characters as role models.  

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