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Barely Human

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Barely Human is a story about “hands”... brutish hands, a genetic anomaly that impacted the lives of so many. It’s about a monster of a man, Dan Frankenstein, who against all odds, arose from the abyss of the homeless to save an infant from certain death. It’s the improbable story of a savage monster of a man, a man who befriended a young girl, a man who would not be dominated. Above all, it’s the story of a man who sought the impossible...becoming the heavyweight boxing champion of the world. It’s the story of a man who some said was “barely human.

On this bright moonlit night, Dan Frank’s shadow didn’t do him justice. Six-foot four, 245 pounds of virtually all muscle, his fists were as large as ripe Florida grapefruits. With a face that belonged in a horror movie, and a frame of mind that didn’t acknowledge the meaning of remorse, He lived up to nickname, Dan Frankenstein, the meanest, son-of-bitch to ever roam the streets of South Chicago.
She pulled a brown wool scarf over her face and walked out to the sidewalk from her high-rise condo on the northwest corner of the tenth floor into the freezing winter night. His pathway followed the base of the building, staying in the shadows until he was within arm’s reach of his next victim. “Your purse or your life,” he yelled, his monster fists poised at his chest, ready to inflict a broken jaw if there was the least bit of hesitation on her part.

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