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From the Ashes

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In a time when mankind has risen from disaster, the world is a shattered landscape. Elements unseen for thousands of years have reappeared. Magic, monsters, and marauders now roam the lands. People band together to survive by creating factions that provide safety and a chance to rebuild.
Life in Black Rock Faction is difficult. Annissa and her younger brother, Klae, lost their parents when they were young. They were sent to the youth camp to live with hundreds of other children. Now, their lives are nothing but drudgery. Each day they descend into the mine to chisel out the black rock that keeps their faction alive through trade with other factions.
One day, Klae discovers an odd object in the mine. He and Annissa decide to hide it in the forest for fear of the others finding it. Annissa takes a walk in the forest where she hears a noise from the fallen tree. As she peers in, a baby dragon pops out. She returns to the camp and tells Klae. The next thing she knows, Klae’s run off with the creature.
Annissa sets out to find Klae. She weathers violent storms and hunger. Finally, she finds an old house where someone is living. Annissa meets Varrian, a mystic. He vows to help her find Klae.
Their adventures take them many miles across the rugged country to Majestic, home of the Conclave of Mystics. There, they hope to learn about dragons, but their research is cut short when they learn of an impending war against their faction. Can they save their friends?

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