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Egg Laying Academy 3

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The Egg Laying Academy trains students how to fight using non-lethal weapons in order to reach endangered species of monsters. Upon encountering their mark, they give their bodies to the lusts of these creatures in order to receive their eggs. Most eggs are carried safely in their wombs where they deliver them to the caring and nurturing hands of the ELA staff where those monsters will be reared, mated, and eventually released back into the wild.

Having just been bred by hellhounds and buta (pig men), Poni, Rin, Melody and Lucy must press on with their mission in pursuit of the elusive Duo Cornu Griffon. When the roar of a mountain yeti echoes across the mountain tops they must be ever careful to protect the eggs they've already been impregnated by, as well as keep maintain their eye on the prize.

The Duo Cornu is on the horizon...

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