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ReBoot Your Sleep

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Your body needs sleep to repair itself. While you sleep, your brainwaves change. Your body is able to get on with the business of tissue repair, and growth hormone is released. But if you can’t sleep, your body can’t do any of these things.

It’s incredibly hard to function properly in the day if you can’t sleep at night. Relationships and jobs can suffer. Anxiety and depression can set in. A brain that can’t rest doesn’t get a chance to have a break from stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline that cause racing thoughts and constant worry.

If all this sounds horribly familiar, don’t panic and reach for the sleeping pills. The advice here includes non-addictive alternative remedies you can try and simple behavioural changes you can make to reboot your sleep. I’m going to delve into the causes of your symptoms too, helping you to work out what’s causing your problems. In understanding why your sleep is suffering, you can discover what works for you – and what doesn’t. Before long, you’ll be sleeping soundly again. 

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