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My Sexy Date with "The Easter Bunny"

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Easter is coming. This year, Kaylee wants to be cumming too!
Wanting to commit filthy acts with something that is supposed to be innocent and pure is a fetish as old as time. But Kaylee really wants to fuck the Easter Bunny. (Well, a hot guy in an Easter Bunny costume.) But how will she find someone who will help her with her deranged holiday fetish?
Content Note: Inappropriate holiday fun involving a costume and candy. You know, nothing weird.


“The Easter Bunny thinks this pretty innocent girl might like things a little rough,” he said.

“I... I...” I tried to answer but lost my breath as he ran his hand down my stomach and into my panties. Delicately he danced his fingers over my clit, my labia, along the edges of my thighs. He was so slow and gentle it was building my anticipation to a point I wasn’t sure I could take.

He spread my opening with two fingers, and gingerly slipped them inside just half an inch. He circled my tunnel, opening me as my entire body was inviting him in. I was embarrassed at how wet I was already.

"Mmm..." he murmured, "Somebunny is truly horny today."

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