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My Purest Thoughts

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This book relays my deepest thoughts on the issues of life, love and nature. You will find it inspiring, thought provoking, captivating and enjoyable.
It is a Powerful poem collection that MAKE YOU HOPE AND BELIEVE.
Here is an except on one of them. I called it 'The Passage of Time.' Enjoy

'Time seems an irony
Oh! She flies so fast...
When I need it to watch
Watch me do the things I love
The things I love so much

Time flies...
When I am travelling, dancing
Reading or sleeping sweetly
Then, then I wish
I wish she could just wait
Wait for me
Since this is my opportunity.
But time flies very fast

Oh! She even flies faster
When I am with
The one I love
It is then I hate
The Passage of Time' .

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