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Woke To The Game - Part 4

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Part 4 - They're all attractive, stylish and have an insatiable desire for living on the edge...but... what do you do when the people you trust the most cause you to question their loyalty? In this riveting, candid hood tale, Sparkle T provides an unvarnished view of obsessions, love, lust, sex, passion and betrayal. Onyx, who is respected by his right hand men whom he's known his entire life. Lexi, who'd rather live in her man's dishonest world than live without him, are both twenty-six years old. They juggle their indiscretions while trying to maintain their four year deceitful tumultuous relationship. Their deepest and darkest secrets are so shocking, it would be impossible to stop reading their story. It's not a matter of if...but when will the explosion of tragedy reveal itself. A thorough examination of young lives in the present day. Survival of the fittest and challenged situations drive these characters to live without rules and do the unthinkable.

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