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Four For Dinner

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Bill and Amy, the novice swingers from Wife Swap are back! This time, they find themselves faced with another upcoming swinging vacation. Only, now, there is one difference! This time their little group will be joined by Corina and Jamal!

As they contemplate their first ever interracial adventure, they both are developing cold feet. Big time! Maybe, if they got to know them better first?

Taking the bull by the horns, Amy invites their new friends for a Saturday swim and cookout. The air charged with sexual tension as the four try to decide whether to break the social taboos they grew up with!

Just how will Bill feel as he sees Jamal’s black hands caressing his wife so intimately? Having to hear her passionate screams through the wall as she is bred over and over all night long by her first BBC? Of course, Bill has a chocolate goddess of his own to introduce to the swinging lifestyle! And, she seems very receptive!

Come along for the fun in this STAND ALONE, story of sexual tension and excitement!

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