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Stolen Conscience (Political Scavengers Series)

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It was drizzling that Sunday morning when some sympathetic crowd gathered at the River Valley dumpsite - some crying, some others angry. No one could help. The dumpsite lay adjacent to the river, apparently for ease of evacuation of waste through the waterway. It was the helpless, pathetic, strange cry of a Dumpster baby and growling of some creatures that drew the attention of passersby. .., An unknown mother had intentionally wrapped her baby securely and placed him in an iron cage - ...with a note boldly written, "Take care of my baby." With the top of the cage properly covered from rain and sun, she placed the cage where the prowling eyes of Government waste disposal scavengers would see it. At least the unknown mother still had a mother's bowel of mercy and protective milk of compassion. But unfortunately, the wrong guys, the reptiles got there first. "Stolen Conscience" is book one of Political Scavengers Series and is about a dystopian state, a totalitarian government's abuse of power.The Supreme Leader's domination, manipulation and control of the people. A story of misuse of technology, drugs in population control, gene mutation, oppressive regime, press censorship, human right violations, secret police and secret killings and their repercussions. How a young man, Aaron Bo of unknown origin led a revolution that deposed the oppressor who was rejected by the cult that installed him. His punishment was that he was declared a scavenger. Rejected by his cult, people and God.

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