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Understanding Nothing From Nothing: A collection of thoughts which lead to something

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Understanding modern philosophy is to also understand abstract things. Abstraction has become the focus of philosophy, and practicality, assumed to be dichotomous with abstraction, is seen as antithetical to philosophy. Philosophy is for those who deal with nothing practical, it is just nothing. But philosophy, in dealing with questions, is everything. And what can be gained with everything, supposedly? What is nothing? 

Everything which is practical is something. It is often assumed what is abstract is essentially nothing. Nothing, however, is just as important as something. What we take to be "nothing"s are often things we take for granted out believing them without questioning the values. Is there more to life than just value itself? What do we take for granted? What do we value? What should we value? How valuable is nothing?

From what work is to what values are, correction to animals, this book is a collection of thoughts connecting together to make some sort of understanding that could be gained. This book doesn't directly answer these questions, but it does investigate them in a tangential collection of thoughts where one can possibly find some answers. Just connecting things together.

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