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Beauchamp/ Beings from Arcturus

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This book depicts a fictional account of a 19th century close encounter. Any similarities to any real life experiences is simply coincidental. In no way is this book intended to document, teach history, or instruct and any scientific or religious way, or reflect the personal opinion of the author.

A story is a story, and a good story isn’t complete without a love story included. This book has just that. It is the story of a man who lost everything dear to him, and almost loses his life too when he tries to rescue the tiny daughter of such visitors from another star.

But he is rewarded for his troubles in more ways than one. The gold that the aliens have discovered and dug out of the earth, and even refined into pure gold, they had no practical use for, except to make trinkets. They joyfully gave abundantly, showing that they value the life of their children and each other even above the most valuable of all metals hidden inside the earth.

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