The Lost Years

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The Lost Years

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Length: 62 pages32 minutes


It was six years ago when Max talked them into the blood oath.

The oath required the Orb to be hidden. Securing it away meant losing the ability to see the future. For Mark, Randall, and Jamie, locking away the visions meant long years of accepting the fate of each new day. They could no longer rely on Max’s visions for guidance. He had what he desired most, a normal life, living free of pain, anguish, and burden.

Sadly, Max had foreseen the oath broken.

The town had been dying for years, the mill closing killed it. Max’s graduate school scholarship did not help his friends. They needed a way out and they knew Max could use the Orb for guidance. His joyful years of a normal life were about to end.

Max knew who would break the oath. He conceded to his fate.

Before the oath, the pain never ended, it merely subsided. The pain ebbed and flowed. The Orb had been punishing him and only Jamie knew how much he suffered. In truth, Max missed the Dream Time and the Everwhen.

Maybe, it will be different this time.

Cover art by: Laura J Prevost.

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